A Look Back at 2018

A Look Back at 2018

Oh what a year 2018 was! So much happened this year I don’t even know where to begin. We started 2018 with a weekend trip to New York where I was able to meet my boyfriend’s friends. This trip essentially resulted in us buying a puppy! We always wanted a dog but hanging out with a doodle + looking for a doodle = buying a doodle. Ace was the best thing that happened to us!!

That first week was full of so many sleepless nights with our 2 month old. Unfortunately, we had to leave Ace at daycare right after that because we had a trip planned already. Cancun was our first international trip together and we had a blast! Lots of warm weather and relaxing by the pool. It was hard to come back to cold weather, but we were ready to pick up our puppy!

A month after we came home from Cancun, I was off to Denver for my brother in law’s birthday weekend. It was an amazing weekend in Breckenridge spent skiing, snowmobiling and hanging out in a cabin!

The rest of spring was time with our new dog! We didn’t travel for a while and just enjoyed Chicago for a few months. We decided we would always pick a new restaurant or bar every time we wanted to go out, and gave preference to ones with dog-friendly patios, of course.

My favorite place this year was the 3 Arts Cafe inside of Restoration Hardware. So pretty, and the food was great!

When April came around, it was time for another trip. We were ready to leave the Chicago cold so we went to Orlando. We visited 2 of the Disney parks, Universal Studios, plus I rented my first convertible!

The beginning of May was spent moving into a new building…and it was finally summer. The warmer weather also meant rooftop season was in full swing. We loved every moment of sipping drinks in the sky. In mid-May we went to my boyfriend’s alma mater, UIUC, for my sisters graduation. I also celebrated my friend/forever roomie’s Bachelorette party in Chicago over the summer. We spent 4th of July in Chicago with our friends.

July ended with a work trip to Las Vegas! What a wonderful and HOT week it was. I was at a trade show during the day for work, but my boyfriend and I were able to enjoy the city and shows at night.

We flew home from Vegas and drove straight to Madison, WI for my friends wedding. What a wonderful weekend filled with love and celebration!

I went to my first concert, and saw Drake! We took Ace to his first fest, Little Italy fest. My sister Neha got her white coat for pharmacy school. I joined Orange Theory Fitness and absolutely love it! We had tons of mid day dates and enjoyed the summer weather. I got my first letter board! These are just some of the highlights from the end of summer.

My boyfriend and I had a staycation weekend in Chicago where we did SO MUCH in the city over 1 weekend. This was right before my 29th birthday! One of my most favorite weekends of 2018!!!

We went to a Bulls game in the Fall and saw an awesome halftime show!

2018 was filled with so much love and laughter! We traveled, went to weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties and more. We were able to celebrate our puppies 1st birthday and live our best lives all year. We ended 2018 with a trip to Costa Rica which I will post about later. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

Always, living my best life ❤

& Then There Were 3

January 16th 2018 was a day that changed our lives forever. While we were in New York, we visited one of our friends who had 2 puppies. My boyfriend and I each individually have always wanted a dog but we never thought we would be co-parenting a puppy this early on in our relationship. I was just browsing Puppyfind.com when I came across a Goldendoodle who was on sale in Chicago. He was the cutest thing we had ever seen! How can someone resist these pictures?! Obviously we wanted to see him!

Although now that we look back at these pictures we concluded we were catfished by our puppy- that is obviously one his siblings in the ad we saw!

We emailed the seller that evening letting her know we were interested in the puppy (his name was Rusty at the time). She promptly got back to us, and before we knew it we were in the parking lot of a Petsmart, after dark in the cold, meeting Rusty! I know thinking back at the situation, it seems more like an illegal drug deal rather then buying a puppy…but it was worth it! I was the first one to hold him, and he was absolutely adorable. He latched onto me with so much love and affection. All I remember in that moment was looking at my boyfriend with puppy eyes and saying “babee he’s so cute isn’t he??”. In less then 10 minutes of meeting Rusty, we were now the parents of a fur child.

We had nothing: no cage, no food, no pet toys. We walked into Petsmart with a puppy looking lost and scared. Everyone kept coming up to us telling us how cute our puppy was and we were overwhelmed in the moment. We bought a dog cage and some puppy food and headed home. The car ride home consisted of us discussing potential names for our new puppy. We knew we wanted a one syllable name and that is when we settled on…ACE!

That truly was the day that changed our lives forever. In hindsight, we have come to a conclusion that house training a puppy in the dead of a Chicago winter is probably the worst and bone chilling thing in the world. But now we can’t imagine our lives without Ace.

Always, living my best life ❤ 

The Journey Begins

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. I was never sure about the specific content I wanted to blog about. I had tested out some topics that I would be interested in potentially blogging about but I was never able to pick one.  But then every time I cooked a meal or wanted to share a beauty hack, I wished I had a blog. Finally, after long thought and consideration (and words of encouragement and support from friends and family) I decided to take the leap! I love so many different things, so what better way to express myself than a lifestyle blog? I am a 28 year old pharmacist who lives in Chicago. I love to travel and explore new cities, cook and try new recipes, eat at new restaurants, consistently improve my beauty routine and so much more. Please join me while I enjoy the Windy City one day at a time, living my best life.

Image taken on the rooftop @ 1001 S. State St.


Always, living my best life ❤