2020 started with a family cruise in the Caribbean! We all got super super sick on this trip, in hindsight we all though that we possible had early COVID on this boat “covid before it became a thing” if you may say. Before we got on the ship we had a family dinner at North Italia in Miami and the food was absolutely amazing- there are a few locations in other cities as well.

Something I tried for the first time was making my favorite HOMEMADE gnocchi, it was honestly hard work but it truly made me appreciate the gnocchi I have at restaurants.

In the beginning of march we took a girls trip to Colorado to ski, it was the week of the the lockdown, what a crazy time, we flew home from the trip and days later the country completely shut down.

Honestly, there was nothing to do the first few months of the pandemic except hang out with the people you lived with, watch Netflix and COOK! It was such an unreal time, no one knew enough about Covid to make decisions about hanging out with each other. It was a time of social distancing and isolation. We got accustom to using FaceTime to communicate and everyone became a homebody. I occasionally went on bike rides with friends and we had a few picnics at the park. I didn’t even go to the grocery store that summer, thank goodness for the Instacart employees.

In July a close friend turned 30 and we decided to rent a house and go out to lake Geneva for the weekend! What a great weekend! It was so nice to actually hang out with people for a weekend. A few weeks later my family and I decided to rent a house in Northern Wisconsin for for weekend. Here is a detailed post about our family weekend!

Made 2 of my most popular sweet treats later in the end of summer: cast-iron cinnamon rolls and apple tart! You can see the full recipes if you click on the images below!

Towards the end of September- a good friend had a beautiful backyard wedding and that Sunday after their wedding I went on my first pandemic date with Chaitan. It was honestly very strange to meet a stranger at a. restaurant in the myst of a pandemic when indoor dining was still prohibited/ distanced. Our first date quickly turned into many dates and in early November we went back up to Wisconsin to hike Devils Lake with the family.

We ended the last few months of 2020 with a trip to Tennessee and family time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and my sisters birthday!

We ended 2020 with an evening at Chaitan’s apartment, we got ready and took pictures on the rooftop! We had just gotten the Covid vaccine ! around this time so the end of the pandemic seemed near!


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