The Journey Begins

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. I was never sure about the specific content I wanted to blog about. I had tested out some topics that I would be interested in potentially blogging about but I was never able to pick one.  But then every time I cooked a meal or wanted to share a beauty hack, I wished I had a blog. Finally, after long thought and consideration (and words of encouragement and support from friends and family) I decided to take the leap! I love so many different things, so what better way to express myself than a lifestyle blog? I am a 28 year old pharmacist who lives in Chicago. I love to travel and explore new cities, cook and try new recipes, eat at new restaurants, consistently improve my beauty routine and so much more. Please join me while I enjoy the Windy City one day at a time, living my best life.

Image taken on the rooftop @ 1001 S. State St.


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