A Weekend in The Big Apple

I started this year off with a trip to New York. I give props to anyone who travels back and forth from Chicago to New York, I don’t think I have ever made that trip without flight delays, thanks to LaGuardia airport…a place of disorganization and chaos even on a sunny day! I had hours of delays getting in on Thursday night, but I finally made it in a little past midnight. Friday was a gloomy day of self reflection.  My first stop was Boundless Planes to grab breakfast. I generally have an issue going to public places by myself to eat, but it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.

Next stop was a long walk in the Financial District. Although the weather was gloomy and it drizzled all day, I was able to make the best of it…but I definitely wish I wore walking shoes for my 5 mile hike through the city!  I was able to capture some beautiful pictures that morning. It was unfortunately too foggy to see the iconic Statue of Liberty.

The day was ended by going to none other then Times Square. It had been years since I had been there and I forgot how busy it was. Lights and people everywhere. But I had to go since I was in New York!

The next morning started with brunch at Paris Cafe (I only picked this place because there was mushroom mac and cheese on the menu). We wanted to be tourists for the day so we decided to walk through the Oculus, grab cupcakes from Baked by Melissa and go to the World Trade Observatory since it was a beautiful sunny day.

That evening, we explored New York night life! The  first stop was Vnyl– they had good drinks and very awesome throwback 90s music. Our next stop was Vandal. The inside of this bar was very cool, with super modern/trendy decorations. There were a very long line to get in but we were able to sneak around the line and find a corner bar seat. I think that is the biggest issue with New York…it is way more crowded than Chicago, so the probability of standing in line to get in a bar are extremely high.

Sunday was our last day in New York, but with a late flight back to Chicago we had time enjoy the day. That morning we took a walk on Wall Street, grabbed breakfast at Black Seed. Later that day we headed over to New Jersey to visit some friends before heading back to the airport.

It was a quick weekend trip but we had a wonderful time! Can’t wait to head back to New York!


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