Cancun for Some Vitamin Sea

We had planned a trip to Mexico months before we got Ace, and one of the hardest things we have had to do was leave our new puppy to go on vacation. He was too young to be boarded at his current day-care center, so we had to leave him at the vet. I still remember by boyfriend asking the vet if he would forget us when we came back. She just laughed and said he wouldn’t forget us and told us we should just go and have a good trip.

We had to wake up at 2 am to catch an early flight. My boyfriend was not very happy about waking up that early…to say the least. Most of the flight was spent talking about our puppy and how much we miss him (even though we weren’t taking him out at 2am in Chicago winter). After what seemed like the longest flight ever, we were finally in warm and sunny Cancun!

A week trip to Mexico in the dead of winter was the perfect getaway. The highlight of our trip was probably the amazing food at our resort. I have gone to all inclusive resorts in the past, and the food never ever came close to the quality and presentation we saw.

Our last night in Mexico we decided to go out in downtown and visit Coco Bongo and Señor Frog. That night was quite the adventure! Transportation was not provided in the package, and we were told to avoid Ubers while in Mexico. We decided to take the city bus to and from the clubs since we were assured by the hotel that it was absolutely safe. Fortunately we had data on our cell phones so we knew when to get off the bus. Sure enough it was a great night. I made the most of it even though I wasn’t feeling well.

The weather can be hit or miss in January, so we had some beautiful days while others weren’t as warm as we wanted. Nothing beats a long walk on the beach on a sunny day with a fruity cold cocktail.

We look forward to our next tropical getaway!

Always, living my best life ❤ 

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