The Mile High City

By the time February came around, I was already going on my third trip of the year. I was off to Denver with my cousins to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. I was in Denver just a few months before that, back in November, but we stayed in the city. This time we rented a cabin in Breckenridge and were staying in the mountains. We were also spending the weekend skiing and snowmobiling- two things I have never done before. So it was a weekend filled with many firsts! We went skiing the morning after arriving, and since it was my first time I decided to take ski lessons. I was nervous but I really enjoyed myself. I didn’t fall all day, which was a huge accomplishment for me! I think the scariest part of skiing is the potential of not being able to stop yourself…especially on a turn too close to the edge.

The next morning when I woke up, I felt soreness in places I didn’t even know were possible. But there was really no time to think about the pain, because a new day meant a new adventure. We were off into the mountains to snowmobile.  When they were going over the instructions, it felt like we were signing away our lives. They even told us people have lost their lives on the same trail we were going on, which was a bit scary. We were able to get a private group since there were so many of us, so that made the experience better. I think I would definitely go snowmobiling again in the near future!

After a morning of adventure, we decided to go on a brewery crawl. First stop was Breckenridge Brewery.

Our second stop was Broken Compass Brewing Co.– which was dog friendly and had plenty of board games! So we spent the afternoon drinking fresh brewed beers with cute puppies and Jenga. I think my favorite thing about this brewery was the ski lifts they had as benches.

When the last day came around, we were all wishing that the trip was longer, but we were able to make the most of our last day in Denver. We drove back into the city and enjoyed one last meal together at Denver Biscuit Co. It was a great hearty meal which we deserved after all the sports we did all weekend.


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