Valentine’s Day 2019

It is always nice to have a week day off, and fortunately I was off on Valentine’s Day this year. We had the perfect day! It started with a coffee date at L’OURS BAKERY COFFEE. We enjoyed some coffee and pastries together. Definitely a cute coffee shop centrally located in Little Italy. It was pretty large, great work space for those who want to study or work from home.

We spend a few hours here in the morning, and caught up on some work. After breakfast and coffee we went back to the apartment so hang out with our puppy before we went out for dinner. My boyfriend had planned the perfect night at a popup at Eatlay Chicago called Biata. The restaurant concept was the Italian Alps: MELTED CHEESES AND WARM WINES! He knows me so well, I was pretty much in heaven during dinner!

The decor and ambiance was beautiful, super cozy and warm, literally felt like we were in a cabin.

The warm wine was yummy! I didn’t think I would be a fan of warm wine, but I was quiet pleased with it. The cheese/ food was absolutely amazing. It was very rich and CHEESY but that’s my favorite, so I wasn’t complaining.

We decided to skip desert and go home since we were stuffed. Definitely a great experience, and an amazing Valentine’s Day with my love!

Always, living my best life ❤

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