Mediterranean food is probably one of my favorite cuisines and I was so excited to find this spot over the summer. Aba is a hidden gem, you have to take a random elevator up to the restaurant and you don’t know what to expect until you get to the top. Walking in, it was absolutely beautiful. Even though it was summer it was chilly in the evening and we wanted to sit inside. The rooftop was even nicer then the inside. The restaurant was aesthetically pleasing so I loved it the minute we walked in! 

Loved all the green plants inside! 

We had gone out prior to dinner for some drinks, but the drinks here were very good. They were fresh and unique. I definitely want to go back just for the drinks one day.

The food was amazing to say the least. We actually over ordered and ended up taking the kabobs home. I can’t wait to come back and try the rest of the menu.

PSA: they have heated domes on their rooftop during the winter!


Villains Chicago

We are always on a mission to eat “the best burger ever”, so the day we moved into our new apartment, we went to a bar down the street that had a burger on their menu. Walking into Villains, we already loved it. Very cool ambiance, LOVE THE BEER WALL. The only thing they are missing is a patio. I wasn’t feeling a burger so I ordered a grilled cheese, which came with tater tots. My friend  ordered the Villains Burger (North Country Bacon, Hooks Cheddar, Pickles, Red Onion, Beef Fat Mayo & Fries). We were actually pretty disappointed in the burger. It was a thick dry patty, and lacked the flavors we expected. On the other had, the grilled cheese was pretty good, and come on, who doesn’t like tater tots? Over all I think we would definitely come back here, but we would order beer and get a charcuterie plate instead of a burger.

Update: we can’t come back, they recently closed! 😦


First Draft

What better place to go for date night then a place that has beer flights!? First Draft is a premium craft beer stop located in the heart of South Loop. It is a hole in the wall kind of bar, but it was packed even on a weeknight. It seemed like a lot of happy hour people were still there around dinner time! The inside reminded me of a college bar. Unfortunately they were short staffed that night and the service was terrible, but the beer, pretzel balls and cheese curds made up for the bad service. We ordered the burger since it was on special and got a side of mac and cheese. It was actually pretty good. It was more a “fast food burger” as opposed to a gourmet burger. This is definitely a spot to get good drinks and appetizers and watch a game.


London House Rooftop

London House Rooftop

Can’t believe it is already fall! My favorite thing about summers in Chicago are all the beautiful rooftops around the city! One of my all time favorites has always been London House Rooftop. It is a great spot in the middle of the city with an AMAZING VIEW. You can see the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and the Magnificent Mile all from one place!

I think any date night that starts on a rooftop is automatically a successful date night.


Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social is a new spot in the West Loop, it is essentially an adult playground. They have one of the largest spaces and it is great for large groups. They have lounges, arcade, bowling, duckpin bowling, virtual reality, karaoke, tartania, and backyard games. We have been here a couple of times with different groups of friends and it is always a great time! The best part of this place is, you can go in the morning or afternoon and have a good time, but you can also come here at night. The scene and crowd changes as the day goes on!

The drinks are good, and there is a large selection of specialty cocktails and beers available. The food here is actually very good, the last time we went here I tried ordering a SECOND BURGER since it was so good.

The best part of my night was my #1 fan taking pictures for me before we left!


Eataly: Where I Fell in Love With Charcuterie

I lived in Chicago when Eataly first opened, and I recently moved back to the city and can’t believe I’ve never been! We were in the mood for charcuterie one evening, and a few people recommended we go to Eataly. The minute I walked in I was in heaven! The first floor was a market: I think I wanted to buy everything. We walked right past the market and made our way upstairs. It seemed like I was in a different city, there were so many food options. There are currently 4 restaurants upstairs along with booths where you can buy fresh meats and cheeses. We decided to try Osteria Di Eataly and order a bottle of wine and the chefs choice charcuterie board. This is where it all started! We loved everything about that board!

After we were done, we wanted to get some fresh meats, cheeses and jams. Of course we couldn’t forget the imported crackers, so about $100 later, we had all the tools needed to make the perfect cheese board at home!

IMG_0996 (1)
home made cheese board

This board was from Crate&Barrel, given to us as a house warming present from my cousin and her husband. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOARD! We can’t even count the number of times we skipped dinner and made a charcuterie board for dinner this summer. It has been a quick and healthy alternative for us (as long as you keep it easy on the crackers)! We can’t wait to go back to Eataly and try all the other restaurants there. In other news, Eataly is now on Instacart, so we are about to have fine meats and cheeses delivered to our door in the near future!



Udon & ramen are always a hit or miss in my opinion. Also, it never tastes as good as takeout: we found this out the hard way! I have had my fair share of terrible ramen, to say the least.  We decided to check out Umai since it is down the street from our new building, and we needed a quick lunch on moving day! We were in and out in 20 minutes, and the food was actually very good. It was seasoned well, and came out piping hot, with so may different options to choose from. They even let you add ingredients to the bowl, for example, the one I wanted didn’t have an egg so I added it. The leftovers also traveled well, they separate out the noodles from the soup and pack them in different containers. This prevent the noodles from absorbing all the liquid and becoming soggy. Definitely going to be our favorite spot this winter when you need warm ramen!


A Night Out In Chinatown

One night we decided that we wanted to get some Korean BBQ, and we narrowed it down to Daebak Korean BBQ in Chinatown. They don’t take reservations, and there was an hour wait, so we decided to kill some time and walk around in the area. Our first stop was Aji Ichiban, a candy shop filled with SO MUCH CANDY! We bought a number of different green tea flavored candies and POCKY, in flavors we had never seen before! Our second stop was Chatime & TTNoodle. We were in the mood for some bubble tea while we waited for dinner. We got milk tea and chai milk bubble tea with tapioca. Both were good choices!


By the time we were done with our bubble tea we got a text that our table was ready at Daebak. The food was amazing, and cooked right in front of us! We got a few different meats a la carte, and our favorite by far was the marinated short ribs. There were SO MANY sides with our meal. Two of my favorites were cooked around the burner, the corn topped with cheese and the egg yolk.

There was only one way to top this wonderful dinner, DESSERT!  We decided to get rolled ice cream at Legend Tasty House. Watching the dessert be made was probably the best part!

Our food crawl through Chinatown was truly a success. We can’t wait to go back and try all the things we missed!


3 Arts Club Cafe

I have wanted to go to 3 Arts Club Cafe located inside of Restoration Hardware for a while now. The few times I have tried, the wait time was over a two hours. A friend suggested that we go on a weekday around lunch. Fortunately, NO WAIT TIME!

The food is inspired by Northern California and Mediterranean cuisine and the courtyard seating is beautifully filled with natural sunlight and olive trees. We started the morning off with some flavored ice coffee on draft along with a late brunch. There were so many amazing options on the menu but of course I picked the one that had truffle and cheese: truffle grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread served with fries and garlic aïoli. My friend, on the other hand, chose the breakfast route and ordered the RH scramble: farm eggs, crème frâiche, avocado, chives, Texas toast.

After our wonderful brunch we decided to continue enjoying our day and ordered a bottle of wine. We got a bottle of Riesling: Leitz, Rheingau, Germany, 2016. 3 Arts Club Cafe isn’t only a wonderful brunch spot, but it is also a great spot for drinks.

We had already been at 3 Arts Club Cafe for a few hours are this point, and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon on the rooftop since the weather was beautiful. On our way to the rooftop we stopped and got another draft iced coffee and doughnut. They have doughnuts from Doughnut Vault, which were DELICIOUS! Definitely have to go and try all their flavors soon! On our way out, we walked through all the floors and praised the gorgeous furniture we hope to one day have in our home!

Overall, our day was well spent at RH. We can’t wait to go back!


Let’s Taco ’bout It

You know a restaurant has good deserts when you go there ONLY to get desert. Especially when their food is also pretty amazing. If you are in Chicago looking for a yummy desert, go to Parlor Pizza and get their desert tacos.  Not only are they photogenic, they taste equally wonderful. Order a TACOlato and you won’t be disappointed. The biggest debate of the evening was, “should we get Go Nuts or Unicorn Dreams?” After long thought and consideration we went with Go Nuts, because come on, how can you mess up Nutella+ hazelnut?

BRB Drooling