Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social is a new spot in the West Loop, it is essentially an adult playground. They have one of the largest spaces and it is great for large groups. They have lounges, arcade, bowling, duckpin bowling, virtual reality, karaoke, tartania, and backyard games. We have been here a couple of times with different groups of friends and it is always a great time! The best part of this place is, you can go in the morning or afternoon and have a good time, but you can also come here at night. The scene and crowd changes as the day goes on!

The drinks are good, and there is a large selection of specialty cocktails and beers available. The food here is actually very good, the last time we went here I tried ordering a SECOND BURGER since it was so good.

The best part of my night was my #1 fan taking pictures for me before we left!


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