Eataly: Where I Fell in Love With Charcuterie

I lived in Chicago when Eataly first opened, and I recently moved back to the city and can’t believe I’ve never been! We were in the mood for charcuterie one evening, and a few people recommended we go to Eataly. The minute I walked in I was in heaven! The first floor was a market: I think I wanted to buy everything. We walked right past the market and made our way upstairs. It seemed like I was in a different city, there were so many food options. There are currently 4 restaurants upstairs along with booths where you can buy fresh meats and cheeses. We decided to try Osteria Di Eataly and order a bottle of wine and the chefs choice charcuterie board. This is where it all started! We loved everything about that board!

After we were done, we wanted to get some fresh meats, cheeses and jams. Of course we couldn’t forget the imported crackers, so about $100 later, we had all the tools needed to make the perfect cheese board at home!

IMG_0996 (1)
home made cheese board

This board was from Crate&Barrel, given to us as a house warming present from my cousin and her husband. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOARD! We can’t even count the number of times we skipped dinner and made a charcuterie board for dinner this summer. It has been a quick and healthy alternative for us (as long as you keep it easy on the crackers)! We can’t wait to go back to Eataly and try all the other restaurants there. In other news, Eataly is now on Instacart, so we are about to have fine meats and cheeses delivered to our door in the near future!


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