Long Luscious Lashes

Everyone wants long lashes and thick brows. Mainstream media pretty much makes a girl feel like they are a necessity, and if you are less fortunate in that department then there are always lash extensions and fake daily lashes. I personally have spent hours watching YouTube videos on how horrifying eyelash extension fails can be if you go to the wrong place. There are also so many products that girls use to fill in their brows, but come on, lets be honest. Who doesn’t fill in their brows? I know I do! I’ve been looking for a more permanent answer to thick lashes and brows, and finally I found it: CASTOR OIL!

Kate Blanc Cosmetics

I just ordered mine on Amazon and it came in 2 days! Thank you Amazon Prime! It also came with some mascara wands for easy application. I went with the Kate Blanc Cosmetics brand. They have a vast number of products I want to try, and they also offer free shipping on all orders, I will definitely be ordering direct next time. The most important thing is making sure it is USDA Organic before purchasing the product. This information is available on the labeling and/or the product description. I use the mascara wand to apply the oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows at bedtime after I wash my face. I also went ahead and added a few drops into my mascara. PSA: if you put castor oil into your mascara, it will no longer be waterproof so maybe try it on a sample or travel size mascara.

Here are some of the many benefits of castor oil outside of hair growth:

  1. Treats split ends
  2. Skin moisturizer
  3. Great lip balm that helps with dark lips…I often put it on my lips at bedtime but it has a very strong smell so it occasionally bothers me
  4. Natural anti-aging product…doesn’t hurt to put a drop into your night time moisturizer
  5. Treats dark underarms…I have actually seen this on multiple beauty pages on Instagram
  6. Treats stretch marks
  7. Natural cuticle oil
  8. It can be used as a cooking oil

These are just some of the vast benefits of castor oil. I know you just want to take a castor oil bath and wake up with amazing hair and flawless skin don’t you? Yup, me to!


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