ROOH Chicago

ROOH is a progressive Indian restaurant in Chicago located in the West Loop. Rooh Chicago features traditional cuisine from India but with a modern, progressive twist. Plated with a fancy twist, Rooh’s menu features a total of around 34 dishes with seasonally available ingredients. I have been to ROOH twice now and I loved it both times.

First, I LOVE the ambiance in the upstairs dining area, it has a nice living room home feel to it. The first time I was here was back in October of 2019 for my birthday dinner. There are a few menu items that I wish that were still on the menu!

Their cocktail menu is elaborate! They do such a good job capturing the flavors of Southeast Asia. Their cocktail menu is Ayurveda inspired. I think their entire cocktail menu is worth trying, I haven’t had a bad drink here.

  • Queen of Spice- Whiskey, Papaya, Persimmon, Cardamon, Mint 
  • Road to Kerala- Mezcal, Cinnamon, Coconut, Pineapple, Banana 
  • Pistachio Paradice- Gin, Pistachio, Curaçao, Cucumber
  • Hyderabad Tonic- Turmeric-Infused Aviation Gin, Orange & Thyme Syrup, Q DrinksGrapefruit Tonic
  • *Malabar Old Fashioned- Coconut-Washed Bourbon, Coffee, Maple, Bitters, *Coconut Oil May Contain Trace Amounts of Tree Nuts, Peanuts
  • Betel Collins- Vodka, Chamomile, Chareau, Midori, Betel & Rose
  • Pink City- Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, Guava, Chili, Lime, ROOH Masala

As you can see, there are a lot of traditional ingredients in this menu AND they have a HAPPY HOUR menu! I have yet to go to ROOH for a happy hour but its on my list for the spring. There is a cocktail of the week on the menu for $8 along with some discounted bites.

I am going to show the bites we had back in 2019- some of the things I miss are the dhai puri and the paneer pinwheels! Probably my two favorite items!

Lets fast forward to 2022- we went back to ROOH for dinner and drinks for a friends birthday. The food, drinks and ambiance were all amazing. We pretty much ordered every food item on the menu this time around.

Overall ROOH has such a comforting menu, if you are looking for good indian food in a trendy spot- look no further and go to ROOH.


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